Customs & Beliefs
Maya families lived all together. Men and older boys worked on farming, hunting, cropping,and fishing. Women and older girls worked on clothes, making food, raising children, and getting firewood and water. When a member of the family died, they buried them in graves under their houses, while wealthier families buried them in tombs with their precious belongings. Mayas worshiped their ancestors and their gods and sacrificed humans for them. During the sacrifice, they would rip out the person's heart and offer it to the gods, off cliffs or in a fire. Mayas also frequently had festivals to worship the gods, and wore costumes that resembled them. They did dances to insure the growth of crops. The Mayans also had a ball court, where villages compete. In order to win, they have to kick the stones/balls on their thighs, and cannot touch the ground, and the Mayans had to shoot the ball in a cage. The losing side must kill their leader. They had a calendar, like a year of 365 days, divided into 18 months.